Replaceable filters PRG 48XA 30 pcs

Filtry do roušek PROGRESS (30ks) white



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Replacement filters for PROGRESS mask with pocket (or other types of masks with pocket inside). Pack of 30 disposable filters that can be inserted into the mask pocket. The filters are made of hydrophobic melt-blown material blown. They are electrostatically charged to capture particles of virus size. Virus detection efficiency is up to 81%. The filters are designed for single use - they cannot be washed or disinfected 100%.

- hydrophobic melt-blown filter material
- electrostatically charged to capture virus-sized particles (equivalent to FFP1 protection)
- one time use
- usability of the filter is up to 12 hours
- technology developed by Technical University of Liberec

Filter material: 100% polypropylene

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