MHS merino high sox

MHS merino high sox grey/mint


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Thanks to their merino wool content, winter merino socks with silver ions have excellent thermoregulatory properties. They warm the legs perfectly, but at the same time prevent overheating, sweating and subsequent hypothermia of the legs. PROLEN®SILTEX fiber with silver ions prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, reduces unpleasant odors and maintains the biological balance of the skin. Knee pads absorb and wick away moisture. They are knitted separately on the right R and left L leg to fit you perfectly. It is great for all winter sports from cross-country skiing to ski alps, as well as for hiking in colder weather.

- antibacterial properties
- excellent absorption and moisture wicking
- thinned part between the instep and the shave for better walking comfort
- odor resistance

material: 55% merino wool + 25% polypropylene with silver ions + 12% lycra + 8% polyamide

with silver ions + 12% lycra, 8% polyamide

Type socks
Activity běžky / turistika / / lyžování / / skialpinismus


Merino wool keeps the heat perfectly and helps to make the material more breathable. In addition, it has an excellent thermoregulatory function - it heats and cools exactly according to the actual needs of the human body. Merino wool contains lanolin, which has permanent antibacterial properties and thus prevents odor formation even during long-term wear. It is a natural material that excels in long life and is easy to maintain.

antibacterial moisture removal

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