NORDIC LT-L women's functional tights

NORDIC LT-L dámské funkční dlouhé spodky winered pattern



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The women's functional tights Progress NORDIC are made of a soft, very pleasant to the touch material, which combines the best properties of the two functional components. Merino wool is a great for thermoregulation, it heats and cools exactly according to the current needs of the human body. It resists odors even when worn for a long time and warms up even when wet. Polyester ensures natural absorption, moisture wicking from the skin and faster drying. This makes it very warm and pleasant to the touch. The lingerie will also impress with its attractive design with a Norwegian pattern.

- optimal combination of two functional materials
- excellent thermoregulatory properties
- extremely pleasant feeling to the touch
- natural antibacterial properties
- anatomical cut
- flat seams
- attractive design

material: 50% merino + 50% polyester
weight: 220 gsm

Type tights


Merino wool keeps the heat perfectly and helps to make the material more breathable. In addition, it has an excellent thermoregulatory function - it heats and cools exactly according to the actual needs of the human body. Merino wool contains lanolin, which has permanent antibacterial properties and thus prevents odor formation even during long-term wear. It is a natural material that excels in long life and is easy to maintain.

antibacterial moisture removal