PROGRESS - story

Ladies and gentlemen,

There has always been a deep-rooted tradition of the textile industry in South Bohemia, and this has also had an impact on my career. I have been around textiles since I was a small boy and, without exaggerating too much, one could say that I basically grew up in a textile factory which supplied half of Eastern Europe with knitwear.  This is where I started to gain my first experience.

After the revolution it was my father who started doing business in textiles, dealing in clothing in the nineteen nineties. After getting a feel for the industry it wasn’t long until I decided to set up my own sportswear brand, which I named PROGRESS. This was in 2002. The market situation back then can be described in one word – “HUNGER”. People found that it just didn’t feel right to do sport in a cotton t-shirt, and the magic of functional clothing started to catch on in a big way. This was essentially what made the business take off, and customers who were happy with our products then also bought a middle layer and sometimes a jacket, too. Right at the beginning our very first collection was called “Microlight”, a line which is still sold today. Our small family firm gradually began to grow and succeed, partly down to our honest work, emphasis on quality and the willingness of friends and acquaintances to test, promote or sell the new brand.

Progress has moved on somewhat since then. Every year we manufacture thousands of clothes, supply them to several hundred shops in the Czech Republic, export them abroad and also make custom attire for prominent companies, including some multinationals.

Thank you to you all for giving us the chance to add some new functional garments to your sportswear wardrobes. We will do our best to make sure you fall in love with them.


Zdenek Zunt

Owner, PROGRESS sportswear