RAM mens merino boxer shorts

RAM mens merino boxer shorts black


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Mens merino boxer shorts RAM are ideal for a wide range of sports activities. The knitwear combines the advantages of two materials. Polyester wicks sweat to the next layer and Merino wool prevents odor formation and has an excellent thermoregulatory function. The material is light and very comfortable on the body.

- a combination of two functional materials
- odor resistance
- wicking sweat away from the skin
- Merino contains lanolin, which has lasting antibacterial properties

material: 47% merino + 53% polyester

Type spodní prádlo
Activity turistika / volný čas / / houbaření / / rybaření a lov / / město / / vodáctví
Collection Outdoor stuff


Merino wool keeps the heat perfectly and helps to make the material more breathable. In addition, it has an excellent thermoregulatory function - it heats and cools exactly according to the actual needs of the human body. Merino wool contains lanolin, which has permanent antibacterial properties and thus prevents odor formation even during long-term wear. It is a natural material that excels in long life and is easy to maintain.

antibacterial moisture removal

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