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Perhaps because we do things we do thing with the greatest care, this year, the PROGRESS Sportswear brand celebrates 17 years on the market, where sharp elbows and strong competition reign.
This itself signs that we are doing things well. The small family company has gradually become a major Czech brand with its own development and production.
The company continues to grow and is doing well thanks to the great work of people, emphasis on quality and using top materials.

And that's not all. In the time of globalization and large corporations, we do not give up and support the local Czech economy.
A large part of our clothing production is still manufactured in Písek in South Bohemia and we are proud of it.

It is also important for us to support professional and amateur athletes. We are happy to have our friends who test our products in extreme conditions and spread the good name of our brand throughout the world.

PROGRESS of today is differnt than 17 years ago. Every year we produce thousands of pieces of clothing, which are supplied to hundreds of stores in the
Czech Republic, exported abroad and custom-made for major companies.

Progress Sportswear - Czech sportswear and functional underwear brand