• Our clothing does not crease and mostly dries quickly.
  • Carefully read the label with the care symbols printed or sewn into the garment.
  • Wash thermal underwear in water in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40°C.
  • Normal laundry detergent may be used, but sometimes it is good to use a special product to restore the clothing’s functional properties.
    We recommend a wide range of detergents and treatment products from the German manufacturer 
  • Do not use fabric softener. This impairs the capillary performance of the fibre.
  • Wash underwear inside out. Zips, draw cords and plastic labels could tear finer knitted fabrics.
  • Underwear may be spun in the washer (max. 700 rpm).



The fibers used to manufacture functional underwear are extremely fine and are therefore what give the products their unique properties. However, this may be at the cost of mechanical resistance against abrasion. Like other types of underwear, the principle is: If you wear a backpack directly on a shirt or if the shirt is in contact with the rough lining of the next layer (Velcro), if laundered inappropriately, etc., it will start to pill. This is not a functional defect, but rather an aesthetic imperfection. No complaint may be filed against such a defect.

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