CC TDRD kids functional long sleeve T-shirt

CC TDRD kids functional long sleeve T-shirt anthracite/blue


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Kids functional long sleeve T-shirt
- comfortable, maximum of freshness and thermal insulation
- Cocarber® viscose fibre treated with carbonized coffee beans
- Cocarber® is absorbing and neutralizing of odor
- Cocarber® has natural special antibacterial properties
- Cocarber® is reflecting the the heat back to your body
- Cocarber® provides the UV protection
- Cocarber® - recycled coffee grounds - fibre production is environmentally friendly
- flat active seams
materiál: 40% acrylic + 37% viscose (Cocarber®) + 18%polyester + 5%Elastane

Type long sleeves
Collection Coffee collection


Cocarber® premium viscose fiber with carbonized coffee beans. It perfectly absorbs and neutralizes odors and has excellent antibacterial properties. It can reflect heat back to the body surface and provides UV protection. Cocarber® fiber is made from recycled coffee residues - the production of the fiber itself is environmentally friendly.

nature friendly antibacterial high thermal insulation UV protection