COMPRESS SOX compression knee socks

COMPRESS SOX compression knee socks black/neon green


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COMPRESS SOX - compression knee socks increase muscle efficiency and therefore your performance. Strong and compressive material reduces muscle vibration, promotes blood flow and oxygenates tissues, and reduces muscle damage during prolonged exercise. In addition, compression knee socks help to regenerate more efficiently, reduce leg swelling and muscle pain after sport performance. Under the knee, the knee sock is provided with a wide elastic cuff for a firm fit on the leg. In the foot area, the knee socks are provided with an elastic instep strap to prevent unwanted knee socks on the foot.

- increase your performance
- allows longer and more intensive training
- improve blood flow in muscles, oxygenate tissues, reduce muscle damage in long-term stress
- helps to regenerate calf muscles faster, reduce leg swelling and muscle pain

material: 70% polyamide + 7% polypropylene + 8% polyester + 5% elastane

Type socks
Activity running / fitness / in-line / indoor sports

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