• Great technology

No. 1 in sports clothing technology

They say past does not exist and the future has not yet happened. Therefore it is important to focus on what is happening today. In Progre
ss, we have connected the present and the future - at least in using advanced materials and great technology. 

Our Tecnostyle collection, with its European origin, our bamboo fiber that warms and remove moisture perfectly or our
100% functional underwear, it always is an excellent and unbeatable product.

We are number one in functional sportswear and we are proud of it. We use futuristic materials to keep you cool in any weather.

We have designed a NEW edition of the unique Tecnostyle jumpers lately, that are only made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. 
Considering the environment and sustainable development we think of the future of us all.

Look forward to the future with us.

Progress Sportswear - Czech brand of functional underwear and sportswear