IMPRA WASH-IN 250ml - impregnation

IMPRA WASH-IN 250ml - impregnation

HEY sport a LAVIT sport

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HEY SPORT® Impra Wash-In is an impregnation that is added to the laundry during washing. It provides full water protection while maintaining breathability and without sacrificing the performance of your functional clothing. Particularly suitable for fabrics with membranes and for fabrics with nanotechnology. HEY SPORT® Impra Wash-In impregnates all natural and synthetic fibre textiles. It maintains active breathability and fresh colours and provides perfect fibre protectionRecommended for use with a suitable detergent, such as HEY SPORT® Tex Wash.

Instructions for use: We recommend using the impregnating agent with a suitable detergent, for example HEY SPORT® Tex Wash. Shake well before use. Do not use any other fabric softeners. Follow the textile manufacturer's instructions.

Type impregnations

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