MANAGER BAMBOO socks black


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Socks that should not be missing in any gentleman's outfit. These are elegantly simple, inconspicuous, but at the same time highly functional socks. The shin and calf part form a rib knit so that the socks adhere better to the feet. Thanks to the bamboo fiber, the socks have excellent antibacterial properties, are more resistant to bacterial growth than cotton socks and are therefore maximally resistant to odor. The socks are very breathable, have a ventilated mesh instep and absorb moisture well.

- elegant, simple, functional
- ventilated mesh instep
- reinforced heel and toe
- high moisture wicking
- Stop Bacteria antibacterial treatment
- maximum resistance to odor

material: 80% bamboo fibre + 10% polypropylene + 10% Elastane

Type socks


Bamboo fibre is the term used for the textile raw material obtained from the stem of the bamboo tree. Fibres for industrial textile processing have only been known since the end of the 20th century. It was not until 2007 that the yarn was introduced to the European market. It is a viscose fibre made from the bamboo tree, which is more pleasant to the touch than cotton. Bamboo fibre has natural antibacterial properties, thanks to the content of a substance called "KUN". Compared to cotton, bamboo is even up to 60% more resistant to the growth of bacteria, so the material resists odour even when worn for long periods of time. Bamboo fibre also has excellent thermoregulating properties. In hot weather, bamboo is naturally cool to the touch and this property is maintained for the knitted fabric properties.

Products made from this fibre are very pleasant to the touch, guarantee optimal thermal balance of the body, dry naturally and provide a long-lasting fresh feeling when worn.

friendly to nature antibacterial thermoregulation material of very soft touch


PROLEN Siltex is a special branded polypropylene yarn modified with biogenic silver ions. The antibacterial additive is totally free from harmful substances and environment friendly. Silver ions help to inhibit the growht of bacteria and mould, reduce unpleasant odours and keep the skin biologically balanced during any recreational sports activities.


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