MERINO treking socks

MERINO treking socks black/apricote/plum


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Tourist merino socks with top quality MULTITECH wool blended yarn. It is a noble mixture with a high proportion of fine merino wool with a functional polyamide with an enhanced antibacterial effect. Sheep wool fiber itself has antibacterial effects, in the case of Multitech yarn these effects are further enhanced by silver ions permanently stored in polyamide fibers. In addition, polyamide strengthens the abrasion resistance and elasticity of the yarn. In addition, Merino wool provides excellent thermoregulatory properties and warms up even when wet.

- reinforced heel and toe
- reinforced Achilles tendon and foot
- micro plush in exposed parts
- elastic straps against rotation
- excellent thermal insulation
- antibacterial treatment with silver ions
- anatomical shaping of the left (L) and right (R) sock

material: 50% Multitech (70% merino wool / 30% polyamide) + 30% polypropylene + 16% elastane + 4% polyamide

Type socks
Activity hiking


This is a top quality wool blend yarn MULTITECH for functional socks with enhanced antibacterial effect. The sheep's wool fibre itself has antibacterial properties, in the case of Multitech yarn these are further enhanced by silver ions permanently embedded in the polyamide fibres. Multitech is a noble blend of a high proportion of fine merino wool with functional polyamide. This also strengthens the yarn's abrasion resistance and elasticity for use in socks.



PROLEN Siltex is a special branded polypropylene yarn modified with biogenic silver ions. The antibacterial additive is totally free from harmful substances and environment friendly. Silver ions help to inhibit the growht of bacteria and mould, reduce unpleasant odours and keep the skin biologically balanced during any recreational sports activities.


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