SHAUM AKTIV REINIGER 250ml - cleaning foam

SHAUM AKTIV REINIGER 250ml - cleaning foam

HEY sport a LAVIT sport

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HEY SPORT active foam cleans sports equipment such as helmets, shoes or backpacks. It reliably cleans the outside and inside of items that are not suitable for machine washing. The foam cleans surfaces sensitively and is fragrance-free. 

Instructions for use: Shake before use , spray the foam on the soiled area, leave to act and finally wipe with a dry cloth. Allow the wet material to dry sufficiently. Repeat the procedure in case of heavy soiling. Test for colour fastness and good tolerance on the opposite side of the item to be cleaned.

Warning: If eyes are touched, rinse them with clean water. In case of inhalation or skin irritation and subsequent symptoms of nausea or dizziness, seek medical attention immediately. Keep out of reach of children. This material and packaging must be disposed of as hazardous waste. 

Type detergents

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